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Monthly update

We are closing in on two full months since the official launch of our platform. September 7, 2020. After months of testing in closely knit groups of early investors, Bitero finally became available to all willing participants around the globe. This article will be a short summary of our highlights so far.

Customer centered

The community of Bitero has been growing constantly since day 1 of our operations. We have made sure to facilitate this growth at all times, and we offer 24 / 7 priority service to all investors, no matter how large their investment or how long have they been with the company. This customer first approach is visible in our growth: Bitero has multiple telegram groups with thousands of members, a formidable Facebook presence and an incredible Trustpilot rating of 4.9!

As our investor pool grows, so does our affiliate community. Beyond having a fantastic affiliate marketing career opportunities for all users, we have now taken the next step, with Bitero's very own team of official representatives! This means that now people from over 40 countries can find a representative in their country! All representatives are vetted by Bitero and have taken upon themselves higher responsibilities toward other users, like explaining the investment plans, helping others navigate the site and find information, as well as consulting them on how to make withdrawals and deposits! Whether you are looking for help, or looking to become a rep, check out our Representative program today: https://bitero.io/contacts#representatives

A lot of our more successful affiliates have benefited from another affiliate rewarding system in Bitero: the Bounty program (https://bitero.io/bounties)! Here investors can receive bonus income to their profits for spreading their positive experiences about Bitero! If you haven't already, be sure to see if your actions on the world wide web can qualify you for a bounty claim!

Transparency and usability

For any company that manages the funds of others, transparency should be at the top of their list of priorities. So it is with us as well. For this reason we have the company payout page, where you can view all the withdrawals made from Bitero in live format (https://bitero.io/payments). We are here to create profits for our investors, so sharing this information comes as a natural continuation of this philosophy.

Our website was built for a simple user experience. And so was our offer: a single consolidated plan that generates constant set profits of 2% on work days and 1% on weekends. We guaranteed daily accruals and our investment strategy has been so successful, that not only we have fulfilled our promise, we haven't gone into our reserve even once, meaning that our fiscal results have outperformed even the highest market benchmarks.

Doubling up

We closed our first month of activity with a little over 4 000 active members, an impressive number without a doubt. However, are happy to announce that, heading into our third month of activity, Bitero has now more than 8 000 active investors! This is a great achievement, and we wanted to take a few moments from our busy days making your money work for you to thank all of our investors for choosing Bitero! Enjoy your profits and let's have an even better November together!

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