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Weekly update #1

Today marks a full week since the Bitero investment platform was launched, and we are proud to inform the site is experiencing stunning growth at this point, with more than a thousand investors already registered and earning their profits in the future of investing - Bitero. And as our community grows and progresses, so do we.

First of all, it is now possible for everyone to view all payouts made off the Bitero site on our brand new Latest Payments page (www.bitero.io/payments). There you will be able to view a complete list of all withdrawals from Bitero made to personal accounts by our users. Each payment will have their date, time, amount and transaction ID listed. All transfers are instantly verifiable on the blockchain by clicking on the Transaction ID of the payment of choice! With this development we hope to reinforce to our loyal and potential customers that accessibility and accountability are both cornerstones upon which our company is built.

Secondly, we have some great news for all of our Russian speaking users: our site is now available in russian! You can find the language option on the top left side of our page, right underneath the menu bar. One of our goals as a company has always been to democratize investing, and decreasing the language barriers to comprehending the offer we provide is a major step towards that. We hope to include many more language versions for the Bitero platform soon, so stay on the look out for yours! And, if you find any mistakes in the translations, do not hesitate to notify our staff (help@bitero.io), so we can fix them for you as fast as possible!

On the topic of supporting multi nationalism among our investors, another feature that we are actively growing is the telegram group availability for different language speakers. Currently Bitero has 7 telegram community groups - English, Russian, Brasil, Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian. The links to these groups can be found on the right side of our website's navigation bar, under the title "social". As with the language option, these telegram groups too we plan to expand in order to encompass more languages soon. Stay tuned!

With the passing of the first week, so has a small, but important milestone. We are still at the first steps of a long journey and we plan to keep building, analyzing and upgrading in order to be the best investment platform of 2020. Thank you for being a part of the Bitero team, and enjoy your profits!

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